Mo' Betta Butta


PURPLE GUMS releases second CD:

First it's good for you,  then it's not. Would you rather row a skiff or go sailing on a yacht? We start with what's real. Butter sho'nuff is real. But margarine is real too - it's just not butter. It is it's own man. Not the lesser stepson relegated to the basement apartment while Big Brother butter kicks back on the chaise lounge in the penthouse. It started out, was conceived of, as the result of a contest to find a substitute for the high priced spread, but has overtaken it in popularity and arguably health benefits.

What does this have to do with Purple Gums? Not much, except that I was raised on margarine, but now prefer butter. The ersatz can be convincing as hell, can make you leap for joy or blues you down so bad you wish you wasn't born. But sooner or later you are going to have to find out where it came from, what the inspiration was. Spread some butter. If you're a certain kind of person you'll go back further still. You'll sit down with a churn to see what makin' butter is really all about. Purple Gums likes to grab the bucket, glom onto the teat, squeeze the warm milk and churn some butter - start with organic notes and whip up some compositions. Hard work with a tasty result. Natural! Oh, so natural!

In their second bout of the CD Championship Tournament Purple Gums delivers the one, two knock-out punch with Mo' Betta Butta! Bradford makes like a canary and sings. Roper instigates and Wong interrogates. There are as many zany antics on this project as on their first outing.

Purple  Gums is: Bobby Bradford,  Francis Wong and William Roper.

On this recording each extends beyond their usual horns. Bobby ads percussion and sings a down dirty blues. Francis compliments his tenor sax with the soprano, the erhu, percussion and vocals. In addition to the tuba, Roper plays the euphonium, helmet shell, cow femur, percussion and tells a story or two.

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William Roper is a Miraphone artist and plays Warburton mouthpieces.