William Roper's DISCOGRAPHY


1. Juneteenth, Asian Improv., AIR 0055 Listen here.

2. Roper's Darn Yarns, Asian Improv., AIR 0058

3. If I Ran The Circus, Tomato Sage Consortium Records, TSCR 0001

4. Still Bill's Culinary Engineering, Art Ship Recordings, Disc 46

5. Hippopotamus, TSCR 0002

6. Boll Weevil Ruminations, TSCR 0003

7. Cartography, Tomato Sage Consortium Records, TSCR 0004


1. The Lament of Absalom, Asian Improv #0032, Roper, Wong, Kavee

2. Double Yellow, Thankyou Records #MV 011, Roper, Vlatkovich, Blakeslee, Dutz

3. Purple Gums, Asian Improv #0064, Roper, Bradford, Wong

4. Chobraty, Nine Winds Records #0225, Roper, Vlatkovich

5. Mo' Betta Butta, Asian Improv #0072, Roper, Bradford, Wong

6. Back Where We Came From, TSCR 0006, Roper, Bradford, Wong

7. Area 51, TSCR 0008, Roper, Payne, Vlatkovich


1. Power of the Dreamer, Fido Records #1, Jimmy Townes

2. Bu-Wah , Nine Winds Records #0118, John Rapson

3. Bing, Sound Aspects #SAS CD 036, John Rapson

4. Dances & Orations , Music & Arts #CD923, John Rapson

5. Civilization & It's Discotheques, Blue Yonder #0112, The Fibonaccis

6. Next Saturday Afternoon, Relativity #88561, Thelonious Monster

7. Shapuno Zoo, No Man's Land #RTR 8, Motor Totemist Guild

8. Give & Gather, Alfa Records #ALCA-241, Clay Jenkins

9. Passages, Sea Breeze Records #CDSB-2043, Kim Richmond

10. Decennium Dans Axlan, Nine Winds #NWCD 0140, Vinny Golia

11. Commemoration, Nine Winds #NWCD 0150/0160, Vinny Golia

12. Tutto Contare, Nine Winds #NWCD 0170, Vinny Golia

13. Hilltop View, Music & Arts #CD 935, Glenn Horiuchi

14. Kenzo's Vision, Asian Improv #AIR0022, Glenn Horiuchi

15. Words and Stories, Nine Winds #NWCD0182, Mark Weber

16. The World At Peace, YAL/Meta #753, Yusef Lateef & Adam Rudolph

17. Portland 1996, Nine Winds #NWCD0180, Vinny Golia

18. O Shenandoah Be Not Telling Me This, Zerx #1996-01, Mark Weber

19. Dew Drop, Asian Improv #AIR0031, Glenn Horiuchi

20. Golden Hearts Remembrance, Kabel Productions CPCD002, Wadada Leo Smith

21. Mirror In The Spirit Hotel, Garage Majal #10012, Richard Haxton

22. Time Zone Differential, Zerx Productions #007, Mark Weber

23. Pyro, Papa's Moon Records #07802, David Zink

24. Music of Silvestre Reveultas, Sony Classical #60676, Los Angeles Philharmonic (playing the shell)

25. Fair Play, Soul Note #121328-2, Unit (A), Glenn Horiuchi

26. Tex Townes & His Two Tone Trance Band, Rabadash Records RAB014, Jimmy Townes.

27. Sarajevo, Unit (A), Asian Improv, Glenn Horiuchi

28. Happy To Be Here, Trio Lane Records #10112, Parachute Express

29. Dreams and Secrets, Anonymous Records #ANON0101, Wadada Leo Smith and Thomas Mapfumo

30. Water and Blood-The Billy Higgins Improvisations, Nine Winds #NWCD0252, John Rapson

31. Why The Freak Went Suite, Dan Osterman

32. Refractions, Origin #82413, Kim Richmond

33. Porgy and Bess - Redefined!, Capri Records, CD #74069, Mark Masters

34. Nine Gardeners Named Ned, pfMENTUM #PFMCD026, Brad Dutz

35. Puccini's Turandot, Blue Note-toshiba, Bob Belden

36. Legends & Legacies, Asian Improv 0060, Francis Wong

37. Wish Me Well, Capri Records #74078-2, Mark Masters

38. Manic Voodoo Lady, Allegro Non Troppo Records, Ellvis Schoenberg

39. Nasty Habit, David Vidal

40. Songs of the Diaspora, Joseph Mitchell

41. The Sunny Side Of The Street, Razor & Tie Music #82959, John Lithgow

42. Shaken, not stirred!, Joseph Mitchell

43. Music for Mixed Woodwinds, Zerx 068, Mark Weber

44. The Union, Decca Records, Elton John, Leon Russell

45. Here Is, V2, Gosling

46. Portrait of Howard, Solid Gold Productions, Howard Tate

47. Artistry - A Tribute To Stan Kenton, MaMa #M1045, Kim Richmond

48. The Diving Board, Capitol/Mercury, Elton John

49. Two Lanes of Freedom, Big Machine Records, Tim McGraw

50. An Autobiography Of A Pronoun, pfMENTUM #CD067, Michael Vlatkovich

51. Forever Endeavor, Cooking Vinyl, Ron Sexsmith

52. I Remember, Island Records 5703181, Aluna George

53. Wonderful Crazy Night, Island Records B0024406-02, Elton John

54. Basquiat Blue, Pablo Calogero

55. Boxes, Asian Improv Recordings #102, Melody Takata

56. Soaring High Above, Nothing Moments Press, Steven Hull

57. A Little Jazz Now & Then, Singin' 4 Bones Records, Mel Collins & D. Ben-Jamin Big Band

58. Night Riders, Zerx Records #082, Mark Weber and Michael Vlatkovich

59. Ten Technicians Titled Ted, Brad Dutz 10-tet

60. Live at Angel City Jazz Festival, Vijay Anderson's Silverscreen Sextet

61. Angelheaded Hipster, The Songs of Marc Bolan, produced by Hal Wilner. Various artists.

62. Even to This Day, Vinny Golia. NWCD450/PFMCD145

63. 132350 The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet, Jeff Kaiser. pfMENTUM

64. Bobby Bradford, Bobby Bradford

65. Legends and Legacies II, Francis Wong, AIR112

66. Olivers Occasionally Odd Oktet, Brad Dutz, Right Brain Records and Bandcamp

00. Various soundtracks for movies and video games including: Blackhawk Down, Drumline, Sorority Boys, The Devil's Rejects, Bewitched, Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean-At World's End, Indiana Jones IV, Miracle at Saint Ana, Role Models, Sherk4x, Sherlock Holmes, Alice In Wonderland, Despicable Me, Knight and Day, Monte Carlo, Rango, The Conjuring, Runaway Jury, League of Legends, Superman-Autumn Frost.

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A film about the Leimert Park scene.

William Roper is a Miraphone artist and plays Warburton mouthpieces.

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