Postkarten aus Schwandorf
a series of compositions by William Roper


Postkarten aus Schwandorf, is a series of compositions inspired by my stays at the Oberfälzer Künstlerhaus in Schwandorf, Germany. Several of the works were composed in Schwandorf and reference the area's fauna and the history of the town. Many of the compositions are based on or incorporate melodies played at the annual Kirwa in Schwandorf's suburb, Fronberg. Compositions to date are:

  • Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown, ver.2 for soprano and tuba, 2006
  • The Summons of Azrael for baritone, clarinet, violin and cello, 2006
  • The Love That Forgives for soprano and flute, 2006
  • Cygnus olor - Schwanengesang for bass or contrabass cimbasso solo, 2007
  • Vespertilio murinus - Lied der Naab for trumpet solo, 2007
  • Anser ferus - Der Flug des Wilden Gänserich for viola and violincello, 2007
  • Procyon lotor - Überall Hänge Ich Meinen Hut ist Haus for euphonium solo, 2008
  • Alytes obstetricans - Frienden Mein Kleines Ei, Lasse Ich Sie Nicht for percussion and euphonium, 2009
  • Sus scrofa scrofa - Zwei Glückliche Schweine for two cimbassi, 2009
  • Die Götter Verlassen Valhalla - Mein Gott, Alle Jene Köpfe! for Wagner tuba and contrabass tuba, 2010
  • Der Schwanherzog - Alle Haben Das Schwein Zum Essen Gern! for soprano and harp, 2010
  • A Silence Waits For Us There for soprano, piccolo and tuba, 2010
  • Und Heute, Fünf Schwäne for soprano and flute, 2010
  • The Wings Of Azrael for trombone solo, 2011

A program featuring works from Postkarten aus Scwandorf will presented on Saturday, May 14 at 7 PM at the Canoga Park Youth Art Center, 7222 Remmet Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91303. Performing will be soprano Christina Linhardt and myself on tuba.

Click here to view photos from this concert.

Click here to an improvised solo performance by Roper.

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William Roper is a Miraphone artist and plays Warburton mouthpieces.

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